Original images of HomeArt programs by
Pietro Grossi written in the Basic language.
Music software autom@tedMusiC 1.03
by Sergio Maltagliati.




The images of HomeArt programs by Pietro Grossi, are proposed through <autom@tedVisuaL1.02> software by Sergio Maltagliati. This is a software which generates always different graphical variations. It is based on "HomeArt" Basic source code. The music program <autom@tedMusiC1.03> produces an automatic and generative music, starting from a simple sound cell.





video 1 : line2_1


video 2 : random2_1


video 3 : random3_1


video 4 : spirale2_1


video 5 : cerchio4_1



"A/V interactive compositions on the NET by Sergio Maltagliati

Beginning with netOper@ in 1997, Sergio Maltagliati has created works on the Internet that combine audio and video elements into an intriguing interactive Internet experience. As far as a formal education, Maltagliati studied music at the Conservatory “Luigi Cherubini” in Florence, Italy. Shortly after he finished his education at the Conservatory he began to paint. He then created his own style of combining the two practices into interactive web sites where the viewer is invited to compose a unique work by simple mouse manipulations. Maltagliati often collaborated with a famous electronic music professor from Italy named Pietro Grossi. Grossi was the first person to introduce the infamous experimental musician from America, John Cage, to Italy in 1964. In 1965 Grossi was offered the first professorship teaching electronic music in Italy. The professorship was at the Conservatory in Florence where Maltagliati later attended."
Source: http://www.visualmusic.it/biography.htm




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