Quantum Bit Netlabel born conceptually on 24.10.2006 after writing the "Manifest STUB" by the co-founders Jaeck The Bit & Warxx. In 2007 it began to distribute the first release online offering many kinds related to electronics, especially to the audio / video experimentation and computer art and differs for printing promo cds and dvds in limited edition in a special "Vacuum Packaging" (the production of the supports vacuum package has been dedicated to an exclusive first 7 QuBIT and to some exceptions). The artists are free of contract and constraints towards the netlabel, remain owners of their works and any other management or promotions. All based on criteria of quality, creativity, originality, conceptual. In 2012 Quantum Bit Netlabel becomes the first label limited edition, limiting the release of its catalog to 3x33 (33 QuBIT album + 33 FreeQ ep / live / exp + 33 QuSNG single).
In 2017, 100 years after the birth of Pietro Grossi (Italian pioneer of computer music) and 10 years after the first releases, Quantum Bit Netlabel completed the music releases and so can be define a work composed of works, a temporary observer of a defined historic period from which they are extracted the forms of free and independent art.

Nobody will be the owner, but only a temporary observer and distributor.

All productions are protected by creative commons license (www.creativecommons.it / www.archive.org) and downloaded from our "PDF QuCatalog 2007-2017".

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special link:
Associazione Pietro Grossi
VisualMusic by Sergio Maltagliati
Random Human Art


[] AUDIO 2007 / 2017
: inactive
[] VIDEO 2007 / 2018
: inactive


Costumer support / General info : quantumbitlabel@gmail.com



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